Expert Lecture on “गर्भ संस्कार”

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Event Title Expert Lecture on “गर्भ संस्कार”
Event category Expert lecture
About Event Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian Spiritual practise prevalent from the Vedic times and is known to help in shaping the Character and personality of the foetus in the womb or Garbh. Thus essentially, Garbh Sanskar simply translates into ‘educating the mind of the foetus in womb’. Speaker will elaborate and make the audience understand about the key highlights of “गर्भ संस्कार”
AIM of the Events To make the public aware about the “गर्भ संस्कार”
Highlights of Events Knowledge and adoption of “गर्भ संस्कार”
Department Name Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Ayurveda and


Participants DBUU Students and female staff
Date Time & Venue of Events: 7 th November 2023, DBMCAH Seminar Hall
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members
  1. Faculty :
    1. Dr. Megha Bahuguna
    2. Dr. Anamika
Contact Person 1. Dr. Anamika (8171117711)